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Camera care for divers

While diving and any occasion when using photographic equipment underwater, a special care must be learnt and followed. Even though underwater cameras are meant and designed to be submerged into the water, its actual maintenance depends on the way you follow the instructions and use the equipment.

Many submergible cameras come with special underwater equipment which makes them suitable to function into the water. Therefore, it is indispensable that the user learns how to handle this special equipment as well as the camera itself since they work as a unity. If you do not learn hot to handle it and use it, it could not only take bad pictures but it might also get broken or permanently ruined.

Submergible cameras contain the same internal mechanisms that non submergible do, the difference is in the way they are covered and how they are protected from the water. Therefore, if you do not properly protect them, water could damage them as well as many other factors from the water environment which can damage it as well.

Elements such as sun, salt, dirt from the water and the environment can be very bad for a camera. Also, while diving we can easily hit it or drop it accidentally and this could cause important damages to it. This way, the proper camera care which divers must learn implies not only protecting it from the water but from these other factors as well.

There are a few tips you should follow in order to maintain your camera and keep it in good shape. First f all, you should wash the equipment with clean water each time after you dive with it. Otherwise, salt could form crystals which would be much harder to clean and which would be corrosive for it.

Besides, while washing the camera equipment, you should gently agitate it while washing it in order to make sure that all salt is being removed from it. Even though these steps are suitable for most underwater photography equipment, it is recommendable that you ask the seller for advice on how to best maintain and clean your camera before following them.

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