Scuba Diving Destinations:

Mediterranean Sea Scuba Diving Destinations

Mediterranean Sea Scuba Diving

Chose how to dive in Sardinia (Italy)
Sardinia offers such a wide variety of interesting diving options that visitors often find it difficult to choose among them.
Medas Islands and their amazing marine life (Spain)
The Medas Islands are located at the Mediterranean Sea, more specifically in Spain, and are one of that region's diving spots where the most wide and beautiful marine life can be observed.
Diving in the Ustica Islands (Italy)
Although it is not commonly known as a diving destination, Sicily, in Italy, does offer a great diving area which is the Ustica Islands.
Diving the Zenobia (Cyprus)
The Zenobia, in the surroundings of Cyprus, is a very interesting wreck for divers to meet due to its size as well as to the good conditions in which it is, usually described as intact.

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