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What is decompression all about?

Decompression is necessary whenever a diver wishes to dive in depths which go under the 130 feet. If a diver tries to go deeper than 130 feet into the water without following decompression procedures he would instantly notice that his air starts running low and would feel the effects of pressure in his body.

Therefore, if you wish to practice deep diving you must learn how decompression works and how to follow the indications necessary in order to succeed at the practice of the sport. First of all, you must be aware that you need to use specialized gears and plan your decompression in order to be ready when you need it.

Sometimes decompression diving is called ceiling diving. This is due to the fact that this kind of diving involves passing a ceiling or barrier at the right time and by following the proper instructions. Divers should not practice this activity without the right amount of experience and knowledge or it could become very dangerous and cause them problems such as decompression sickness or air embolism.

There are specialized decompression courses for divers who wish to learn the skills necessary to dive in depths which pass the 130 feet. In these courses, divers can learn how decompression works, how to use the gear necessary for it, how to understand and use diving software, and what to do in case of emergencies among other important things. Besides than being taught how to use the specialized gear by a professional, attending these courses also allow divers to learn their own weak points and limitations before they actually go into the water and find themselves in trouble.

Also, in order to safely practice decompression diving, it is important that a diver counts with not only the necessary amount of knowledge but also expertise in the world of diving. Besides this, and due to the risks which this activity implies, it is also very important that those who practice decompression diving are mature, reasonable and count with good judgment at the time of planning and executing the techniques necessary for it.

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