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Spear guns for divers

Spear guns are a very important and useful piece of diving equipment. They come in different types and models which adapt to the level of expertise of the diver who will use them. Spear guns and diving equipment in general should always be chosen by having into account not only the environment and conditions in which they will be used but also the level of expertise of the diver. A diver should never use equipment which is meant for a higher level of expertise than his since each subsequent level contains further difficulties for which he would not be prepared.

Just like it happens with the rest of the diving equipment, spear guns should be carefully chosen in order to be the proper ones for each diver and his needs. A diver who does not count with the proper amount of experience and uses a spear gun intended for those who are familiar manipulating such devices, could end up having serious problems as well as causing problems to other divers who might be around him.

Most spare guns come in band style or pneumatic. These are the most usual spare gun types and the ones most used for divers of all levels of expertise. The levels of expertise for which divers might find spear guns that specifically adapt to them range from beginner to grand champion. There are some intermediate levels in between beginner and champion allowing each diver to find a type of spare guns which suits him properly.

Some band spear guns have an inline propulsion system which makes them very accurate and more powerful than others. When it comes to spear guns, power and precision must go together, since one with the other would be not only useless but also even a source of problems.

Usually, spear guns come in 16 mm or 20 mm. Divers who are just beginning to practice the sport or who have few experience should use a 16 mm one, while those who have expertise and have already handled a 16 mm spear gun becoming familiar with them could safely use a 20 mm one.

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