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How to choose the right fins for diving

There are many factors to consider when buying fins for diving. Swimming fins must allow you to wear them as comfortably as possible. Actually, even when you buy them fitting you properly they will always be somehow uncomfortable and therefore the more you can do to minimize this problem the better. Swimming fins for diving should always make your diving activities easier and they should never become an obstacle rather than a help.

Swimming fins will vary depending on different aspects such as the diver's foot size, the kind of water in which he will practice the sport and the level of skills he has achieved. These are the three main factors you should pay attention to when you buy a new set of fins for diving, but there are some other aspects which you should consider as well.

One of the other factors a diver must consider at the time of buying his diving fins is whether he wants them to be open or closed heel fins. A closed heel fin is ideal for a diver who will not go to a place with rocks or corals and which contains warm water. On the other hand, if there are rocks or corals in the place where the diver will practice his sport, he should choose an open heel fin instead.

Open heel fins usually are easier to fit than closed heel ones, but they are less safe. Closed heel fins can also be comfortable if the diver chooses them right and they fit properly. Regarding costs, open heel fins are usually more expensive than closed heel ones, but you shouldn't guide yourself by this since they provide a very different kind of protection.

No matter the type and kind of fins he chooses, it is always very important that the diver feels comfortable while wearing them, and this might be the most important aspect he must consider at the time of buying this piece of his diving equipment. The fins should fit properly and allow the diver to walk and swim without becoming an obstacle.

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