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How does a semi-drysuit work?
A semi-dry suit keeps a diver dry and warm by trapping a layer of water between his body and the suit.
Some important things about your diving hood
Diving hoods are used to keep the head and neck warm, and this is a very important function since most of the human body warmth is lost through the head.
The protection of a diving wetsuit
Wetsuits are meant to keep divers warm by giving them thermal protection. There are some important guidelines which a diver should learn regarding the wetsuit he might acquire and use.
What to look for in diving gloves
Gloves are more important clothing pieces for divers than they might seem.
What to look for in diving socks and boots
There are many different kinds and types of diving socks and boots, and choosing the right ones might be more difficult than expected.
When to use a diving drysuit
Drysuits not only maintain divers dry while being in the water but they are also meant to keep divers warm while being in very cold environments.

Featured Scuba Diving Articles

Decompression Meter Benefits The benefits of having a decompression meter
A decompression meter or computer indicates the diver the right decompression schedule which he should follow.

Spear guns for scuba divers Things to consider when looking for dive watches and timers
If you are looking for diving watches and dive timers, there are a few things you should know and have into account in order to buy what you really need.

What is decompression all about What is decompression all about?
Decompression is necessary whenever a scuba diver wishes to dive in depths which go under the 130 feet.

The skin squeeze effect The skin squeeze effect in scuba diving
Skin squeeze is one of the barotrauma problems which divers can suffer due to the pressure factors involved in the practice of the sport.