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Night diving

The basics of night diving.

There are some basic information and knowledge which you must acquire at the time of entering the night diving world. Night diving has different requirements than day diving as well as it implies different risks which must be predicted and preview by those who practice this sport. Just to start with, the overall sense and our perceptions are very different at night than at day; we do not feel the same way about the things which surround us during night than the way we feel about them during day time. Night gives mysticism and makes our adrenalin work faster than it happens during the day.

In order to be able to practice night diving properly, you must learn the right procedures for communication and navigation. Besides, it is very important to know the right procedures for buoyancy control as well. These are basic aspects which anyone who intends to go into the night diving world must know.

You should also learn the proper use of night diving lights and the emergency and disorientation procedures. Always remember that the day natural light will be replaced by artificial one, which will make the fauna and flora look very differently than it does with the regular bluish aspect provided by the filter of natural sun light.

It is also very important that you know the buddy system techniques as well as you should learn nocturnal aquatic life orientation. In night and darkness the sense of orientation diminishes dramatically, and artificial lights might become indispensable for us to be able to orientate ourselves. This different kind of light also adds to the magic of night diving.

As you can see, there are many aspects which make night diving riskier than the day one. But, by learning and following the proper indications it can be not only a safe sport but also a very magical one to practice. Night life and the sea fauna and flora activity in general are different during night than in day time as well as the lightening and charm of the night changes the whole environment and gives this sport its special magic.

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