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Safety tips for cave diving
If you learn how to do it properly, cave diving can be a safe and very enjoyable sport to practice.
The beauty of diving above sea level
Diving above sea level offers a beauty that can be very special depending on the place you practice the activity.
Diving in a current
Diving in a current implies a higher amount of difficulty and danger than regular diving, but this can be avoided if the diver knows how to properly do it by being trained for it as well as by learning some important guidelines.
Diving and hunting
Hunting while diving can have two different approaches; one approach is about sea life hunting while diving, and the other is about treasure hunting.
Diving in icy waters and the equipment necessary
Diving in places with weather conditions such as those of the Antarctica can be very challenging and demand not only a special training but also special equipment and an important amount of experience on the sport.
The challenges of wall diving
Wall diving can be a very exciting activity for divers who already count with an important amount of expertise and who wish to go through new challenges.
Cold water diving
When practicing cold water diving, one of the main and most important things to have into account is which clothes to wear in order to keep warm.
Diving in the tropics
Diving in the tropics can be a great experience for all those who enjoy the sea life, from diving experts to beginners.
If you are willing to practice snorkling for the first time, there are some basic tips which you should learn in order to succeed at it.
Deep diving
Deep diving offers some advantages over regular diving which makes the extra effort it takes worthwhile.
Night diving
There are some basic information and knowledge which you must acquire at the time of entering the night diving world.
Wreck diving
For many people, there is no way to spend their free time better than practicing wreck diving.
Ocean diving
Ocean diving, like any other sport, has some tricks and basics which those who intend to try it for the first time should learn in order to practice it safely and enjoy it as much as possible.

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What is decompression all about What is decompression all about?
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The skin squeeze effect The skin squeeze effect in scuba diving
Skin squeeze is one of the barotrauma problems which divers can suffer due to the pressure factors involved in the practice of the sport.